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Driving Lessons in Willenhall & Wednesfield

Hello, my name is Colin and I am here to help you learn to drive safely and pass your driving test.

My aim is for it to be a great experience, and I would like to help you to enjoy every step of the way to learn the skills you need as efficiently as possible.

You may be a novice or may have some driving experience and I can help you with your driving lessons as I will tailor my lessons to suit the way you learn.

I am a fully qualified instructor with over 12 years experience of helping hundreds of learners and also driving instructors to pass their test.

  • Professional local instructor
  • Experienced & fully qualified
  • Providing expert friendly tuition 
  • Great success with nervous drivers
  • Excellent pass rate
  • Manual lessons
  • Full 1hr/ 1hr 30min/ 2hr lessons
  • Nervous drivers welcome  
  • Pick up from work or home
  • Refresher lessons
  • ADI Training
  • Willenhall
  • Wednesfield & the surrounding areas
  • Postcode areas
  • WV11
  • WV12
  • WV13

Beginner Lessons

Together, we will create an amazing journey which is going to give you the freedom of driving independently.

We all learn in different ways, and I have the skills to discover how you learn best and tailor a course applicable to yourself.

On your first lesson, I will drive us to a suitable training area where there is less traffic.

We will then change seats and conduct our lessons at a pace that you are comfortable with, to maximise the learning process.

Part Trained

You may have already been taking lessons or practising with family or friends.

I can help you develop your skills further, to drive safely and pass your driving test.

On your first lesson we will work together and discover your strengths and any areas that need to be learned or developed. Then I can tailor your course applicable to you as your needs.

Confidence Building

It is not unusual to be nervous or anxious when thinking about or taking driving lessons.

It is a fact that almost everyone learning to drive suffers from this and is perfectly normal. Please rest assured as I have the skills and experience to help you overcome this.

We will be learning in a safe environment, and once you start feeling safe then skills and confidence can build to give you the skills you need to drive safely and pass your driving test.

Driving Test Rescue

You may have already failed a test and feel like you need a different approach.

It may be that you have been told what to do, how to do it and given time practicing it. However, in order to drive safely and pass your driving test it is important that you use these skills by thinking for yourself and adapt to various situations that occur on the road.

I have the skills to help you to do this and together we will strengthen your weak areas to give you the skills to do this as the final part of your journey.

Some Recent Passes
Pupil Pass

"Colin is a great teacher. He really understood how to adapt to my needs & helped me pass 1st time...."

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Pupil Pass

"Colin always made me feel at ease from my very first lesson which helped me gain a lot of confidence..."

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Pupil Pass

"Learning to drive was a daunting idea for me but all the anxiety & worries went away when I started with Colin..."

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The Training Car

The training car I use is a Peugeot. This is an excellent car to learn in as it is easy to drive and highly maneuverable.

Features include:

Training Car